Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Jack's Mail

Quite a while back I signed up Isaac for a subscription to the LEGO magazine.  Since then he has been the envy of the children in the house because he receives mail.  Jack was especially upset last time an issue arrived and declared rather dramatically, "I NEVER get any mail!"  Since I knew my friend Katie had started a tradition of letter-writing on Sundays I texted her and asked if she might be able to convince one of her children to write to Jack.

This afternoon I checked the mailbox and found that she had convinced TWO of her kids to write to Jack.  I left the mail in the box and had Jack check it when he got home from school.  He was surprised and thrilled to see that he had received mail!  We were all impressed with the seriously cool letter-writing of Jacob and Isaac, right down to the sealing wax!

Jack was so excited to return the correspondence that he used the reverse side of the letters they had sent to respond.

I'm thankful for friends who are willing to reach out to help my son feel special (on demand).  And I'm glad that Jack was happy to respond instead of thinking only of himself.  I hope Katie's boys enjoy receiving mail as well!

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