Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Kid Questionairre

On Sunday the kids were given paper flower magnets in Primary.  Each petal had a fill-in-the-blank about their mom.  Some of their responses were funny ( Jack signed Isaac's name on his own flower and then gave some bogus answers) and some of them were tender (thank heaven I have a daughter).  While I have them on my fridge for now, I want to keep their answers somewhere more lasting.  So here they are, as they wrote them.

My mom makes the best:
I: Food
K: FOOD in the WOLD
J: food
H: pepperoni pizza

My mom is as pretty as:
I: everything awesome
K: the most beutiful ROSE
J: fairy books
H: a mushroom

I love my mom because:
I: she loves me
K: of everything she does
J: she's awesome
H: cause she let me play the Wii on a Sunday

My favorite thing to do with my mom is:
I: watch a movie
K: chat and play Lalaloopsies
J: Puzzles
H: play a game on iPad with numbers

My mom teaches me:
I: how to eat her food
K: that I (and her) are most beutiful on the inside
J: notheing
H: how to play games

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Anonymous said...

Well--first of all--you'd better start teaching Jack *anything*. And second of all--I see slight similarities between you and a mushroom. How funny, funny, funny! Keep 'em comin'.