Thursday, October 05, 2006

Kenley's Favorite Pastimes and Games

"What fits in the toilet?"

"Look! I can twirl!"

"Floor Food Find" - often played with the ever-popular "Doesn't taste good, but I can eat it!"

"Clear a bookshelf in 30 seconds"

"I'm gonna getcha!" - She hasn't quite learned that I'm chasing her, she often comes toward me, mouth wide open in her million dollar grin awaiting my tickling fingers.

"I can click my tongue"

"Love music, love to dance" - She's gets quite a rhythm going and dances the instant she hears music.

"Bathtub topple" - This means she pushes anything over the side of the bathtub into the water. If nothing is on the side she adds in the game "What's in the cupboard." Last week she retrieved a can of Manwich from the kitchen for Isaac's bath.

And her all-time favorite - "What's Isaac doing?"


scribbit said...

I can relate to the Floor Food Find. My four year-old had the world's longest and most consuming oral phase. What wouldn't she put in her mouth? Desitin, bubble bath, tide pool water at the San Diego zoo . . . she's probably filled with creepy crawlies.

Katie said...

Food brought to you while you're in the tub? Without having to ask for it??? I think I'm going to come borrow your girl to pamper me for a while. Could you teach her to throw in a can-opener before I get there?

Gwen said...

Kate, I'll work on it. *wink*

Gina said...

these games sure sound familiar!

Gammie said...

Anything those kids do is ADORABLE! You need a few more kids Gwennie Girl!

Sunny said...

Hey "Love Music, love to dance" is the name of a great book. Kenley is so cute and I love her favorite gave of "What's Isaac doing?" It's so nice to see you cherish each child's behavior individually! You're such a good Mom to take it all in stride! Aunt Cheryl

K.C. said...

I agree with Gammie...and they are adorable. You should really consider reproducing more, have one by June or something so we can both have girls... ;)