Tuesday, October 24, 2006

First Date Revisited

Only this time, the ending SUCKS!

So, in honor of our "anniversary," Jeremiah and I decided to go out to dinner to the same BBQ restaurant we patronized on our first date. We've tried every year to go back on that date but this was the first year we were able to. The first year it burned down, the next year it was closed because there was no one qualified to manage it, one year our anniversary was on a Sunday, and so on. For whatever reason it was either closed or we were unable to make it there. But this. was. the. year.

We should have skipped it.

Why? Well, when we arrived at the restaurant the parking lot was full. But they do have an overflow parking lot so as we approached the alley we had to cross in order to get to said parking lot, our car was struck by another car that was barreling down the alley. And he didn't stop. But right behind him were 2 police cars. The idiot driver made a circle around the block and turned back on to the alleyway headed in the opposite direction before he finally stopped. Turns out he was drunk. And it turns out he doesn't have insurance. And it turns out that the policeman who handled the accident report DIDN'T EVEN FILE AN ACCIDENT REPORT! Nope. All that has been filed is the arrest report for the jerk who was driving drunk and evading an officer. As far as the records show, this guy didn't even hit our car. I wonder what happened to the picture the officer took of our smashed in car - and the names we reported to the officer that we collected from the witnesses. Maybe the officer dipped them into his coffee, mistaking them for a donut?

And also, when we finally got in to the restaurant it took 10 more minutes to be seated, they didn't bring us our dinnerware (ever tried eating a salad without a fork?), and it took a long time for our dinner to be served.

Needless to say I don't think I will ever return to that particular restaurant. I think it's luck ran out the door the night of my first date with Jeremiah.


Katie said...

Oh my gosh, Gwen! Are you guys okay? That is like a scene from a movie. Keep calling the station---if nothing else, you can get the name of the officer who filed the arrest report, and he can tell you which other officers were on the scene. Dispatch should know, too. I hope it all gets cleared up.

Gina said...

I am so sorry! That sucks so bad! I hope you can find more information so making an insurance claim is easier. What a crock... that officer needs to be reprimanded in a bad way! Please update us!

Fold My Laundry Please said...

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Oh that's awful! Happy anniversary though. We got married Oct 28, 2000. :-)

Cheryl Leonard said...

Oh Gwen so sorry that your "special evening" didn't work out. I am glad you two are okay and hope you can get the damage to your car fixed without much hassle. Hope your future "anniversaries" are celebrated without that much drama. Love - Aunt Cheryl