Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Things Kids Say

Isaac (with no preliminaries): "I am the future of King Underwear!"

The same: "I can burp my ABC's!"
(Perhaps he should spend less time around the uncles...)

After all the hassle with the insurance from the car accident, and my being emotional because I'm pregnant, last week I finally just laid on my bed and let it all out through some tears. Isaac came in, laid down beside me and comforted, "There's nothing to cry about. Isaac's here."

Gotta love those kids!


Katie said...

What a sweet, funny, boyish little boy you have! And how sneaky of you to drop that little tid-bit of info the third paragraph! Did you get a straight due date yet?

Gwen said...

Still looks like May.


Kik said...

Congratulations! (not on the crying, but on the pregnancy...well, ok, congrats on the crying too. Hope you feel better!)

Gina said...

So now that I have read the other comments, I don't feel so in the dark. I was wondering if I had missed an insinuation of pregnancy in previous posts. Congrads!!! Hope you feel better soon! Crying cures many things, so hopefully you are doing better... your Isaac is hilarious!

Fold My Laundry Please said...

Little hugs and kisses usually cure anything! Also, chocolate and ice cream work, too!

Gammie said...

That kid keeps us in stitches! I can't wait until Kenley starts talking. Look out mom! There will be absolutely NO SECRETS at your house! Can't Wait!