Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Teach 'Em While They're Young

I've mentioned before that I taught Isaac about privacy at a very young age. I generally don't mind being shadowed by my children, but I do draw the line when they insist on watching me use the restroom. Now that Isaac has been potty-trained for a while I think he has gained an appreciation for privacy.

This was best evidenced the other night at my mother's house when I told Isaac to use the bathroom after much dancing and grabbing on his part. He reluctantly ran down the hallway - there's lots of fun stuff to do at Gammie's, you know - and finally made it in there to take care of business. He left the door open though, and Kenley found her way to the bathroom as well.

The house was soon filled with Isaac's scream, "GIVE ME PRIVACY KENLEY!"

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Gina said...

And what did Kenley do then?

That is a cute account! Thanks for sharing these timeless moments...