Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Looky What She Can Do!

Click here to view Kenley's latest interest.


Kik said...

Wow, that was very brave of you to share with the whole entire world. ;) jk That is great! I bet it will be nice to only have one in diapers when the new baby comes!

Katie said...

Good for both of you! Did she do it? I kept waiting for the camera to peek into the potty. (But I'm glad it didn't!)

Linda'87 said...

Kenley is an adorable kid!!!
How old is she?
I love children so much 'cause they are able to amuse me with their genuine expressions and their natural caracter.
But I think that in Italy there are too spoilt children!!! :P :P :P
Real pestes!!!
Who have the guilt?
Naturally the guilt is of parents!

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I also have some of my drawings, poetries and images.

See u later...bye!