Saturday, June 23, 2007

Somebody PLEASE Remind Me It's Worth It!

So last night I discovered first-hand why my mom refers to her child-bearing years as "The Zombie Years."

Jeremiah had been down at his parents house helping them put a cover over their back deck. I came down later after team teaching with the missionaries. It was getting kind of late and I knew I had to get up at 8:00 super early to help clean the church house so I decided that I would drive the kids home. I was certain that because it was late that all the kids would be asleep by the time I got home and I could also turn in for the night.

I was almost right.

All three kids did fall asleep on the way home. I pulled them out of the car one-by-one and laid each one in their bed. Isaac stayed asleep. Kenley stayed asleep. Jack woke up. I had fed him just before leaving but I hadn't checked his diaper. I went ahead and laid him on the floor for the diaper change. The instant I placed the last tab of the new diaper across his belly I heard him *phbbt*squirt*tinkle*. Which wouldn't have been too bad except for the simultaneous *blaugh*cough*hic* from across the hall in Kenley's room. Since I wasn't sure if Jack was done doing his business I ran in to Kenley's room to find that she had vomited all over herself, her bed, her pillow and the carpet.

I pulled her out of bed and started to walk her to the bathroom when she started puking again. Nothing says "parenthood" like letting your toddler vomit into your bare hands. She finished barfing into the toilet and I got her into the tub to clean her off and cool her down. Then I put all the bedding and surrounding items into the washing machine and put some carpet cleaner on the floor in Kenley's room. Surprisingly I still remembered that Jack needed another diaper change.

Anyway, after getting Jack's diaper changed for the second time, and Kenley washed off and in bed it was about midnight and Jeremiah (who is also sick) got home. Kenley heard him and got out of bed. As tired as she was she was so restless and kept screaming no matter what either Jeremiah or I did. She was up until 5:00 this morning. She finally relented to sleep in our bed. On top of the covers. At the foot of the bed. Like the family dog.

And that's when Jack woke up...

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Katie said...

I hope the sickies pass you all quickly. Nothing's worse than having all your kids and your husband sick.

Except you being sick too. I hope it doesn't come to that. Call me if it does and I'll come take care of you all!