Monday, April 17, 2006

3 is a Good Number

Isaac had a fun birthday. He got to go to his first Easter Egg hunt. (Yes, even though he's three, this is the first year I've awakened early enough to get him to the football field so that he could stare at all the other kids as they load their baskets with eggs and refuse to touch anything laying on the ground.) After explaining to him that a plastic Easter Egg on a football field meant that he got candy later he agreed to pick up three of the little suckers. Then he played with cousins at Gammie's house. In the evening lots of family came to help celebrate the big day and we all enjoyed pizza, breadsticks & pop. After Isaac opened gifts he was delighted to be presented with the only part of his birthday he had been looking forward to - The Spiderman Cake.

Amazing how one's cake decorating skills can improve in just ten days!

He had so been looking forward to this Spiderman cake that if you asked him how old he would be on his birthday he would answer "Spiderman Cake." Also, should you have asked him what he wanted for his birthday the answer would have been "Spiderman Cake." And pretty much any time you were to mention anything that had to do with his birthday his only response would be - you guessed it - "Spiderman Cake." I worked really hard on decorating this cake that it almost made me cry to cut it in slivers in order to serve some to everyone, but for the hour or so that it sat on the table and made Isaac smile - not to mention the fact that he wasn't disappointed in it after having looked forward to it for so long - it was worth it. And he really had a great birthday.

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Katie said...

Way cute cake. Happy birthday, Isaac! You ought to print the picture of the cake off so he can always remember how happy his mom made him on his birthday.