Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Mile in His Shoes

Or rather a mile and a half in his new sandals.

Thursday night Jeremiah took me out to dinner and I absentmindedly left my purse in the car when we got home. So of course the next morning as I was already in a rush to get the kids out of bed, clothed and down to my mother's house and into town so that I could make it to my haircut appointment, I was slowed down by the need to find my keys. Yeah, they were locked in the car with my purse.

Well, I wasn't about to sit at home all day so I strapped Kenley into the stroller and convinced Isaac to wear his birthday sandals - which he has refused to wear, for whatever reason, since he received them - and walked to the school to get a key from Jeremiah.

Isaac walked the whole way without complaint. He also insisted that he wear his hood - his fleece-lined hood - on the warmest day we've had in ages! We finally made it home and into the car and off to Gammie's house we went.

I didn't think anymore of our little jaunt until I noticed Isaac walking funny last night. He was rolling his feet to walk on the outside edge of them and was little bow-legged. He asked to play outside so I grabbed his sandals and as I grasped his little feet I noticed a nice blister on the arch of each foot. (Here's where I beat out the competition for Meanest Mommy Award.) I didn't want him going barefoot, so I strapped those sandals right back on him.

This morning the blisters have popped and he's been walking on tippy-toes. But I think it made him feel better when we put on Batman band-aids and Neosporin. Now I'm looking forward to the day he cries because the wounds have healed and he can no longer have superheros strapped to his skin!

I was curious just how long our walk had been so on the drive home last night I clocked it in the car - 1.6 miles round trip.

And also, I missed my haircut appointment.

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Katie said...

Poor kid! Those are some awesome bandaids, though. And, for the record, I don't think you're the meanest mommy ever. Maybe third or fourth place, but certainly not the winner. ;)