Tuesday, April 25, 2006


9 Lasts:
Last place you were on vacation: Washington DC
Last cigarette: Never
Last beverage: Ice water
Last movie: Land Before Time V (thank you Isaac)
Last phone call: From Kate about a recipe I didn't have
Last store you shopped in: Wal-Mart
Last CD played: Kelly Clarkson Breakaway
Last bubble bath: Probably on my Honeymoon?
Last time you cried: The other night as I read through my journal about how I felt about Jeremiah while we were dating - (happy,grateful tears)

8 Have-you-Evers:
Have you ever dated someone twice: Yes
Have you ever been cheated on: A huge, resounding No
Have you ever kissed somebody and regretted it: Yes. I've also not kissed someone and regretted it.
Have you ever fallen in love: Have I ever!
Have you ever lost someone: Yes.
Have you ever been depressed: Yes.
Have you ever been drunk and thrown up: Never been drunk, but I have thrown up.
Have you ever lost your keys: I think a better question would be have I ever had a week when I didn't lose my keys.

7 States you have been to:
1. Idaho
2. California
3. Nevada
4. Arizona
5. Kentucky
6. Indiana
7. Washington DC - ignore the fact that it's not technically a state

6 Things you've done today
1. Exercised! (I'm just so proud of me!)
2. Checked my e-mail
3. Used the potty (TMI, I know)
4. Hugged and kissed both my kids
5. Wished I were getting a massage
6. Contemplated what I should get Jeremiah for our anniversary (in two days)

5 Favorite things:
1. Food
2. Family
3. Food
4. Friends
5. Did I mention food?

4 People you can tell pretty much anything to:
1. Jeremiah
2. Mom
3. Kate
4. Alisha

3 Favorite color coordinations to wear:
1. Blue jeans with any color t-shirt
2. Plaid pajama bottoms with matching t-shirt
3. Is there anything else?

2 Things you want to do before you die:
1. See both (or all, should I have more) of my kids married in the temple
2. Become perfect - or close to it - or at least really working on it

1 Reason to Live?

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Katie said...

Hey, happy anniversary! Do you have any fun plans?