Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Kids That Yell "Dad" in the Night

Isaac woke up this morning at 4:37. I have to post what he said because, even at that hour, I got the giggles.

Isaac: Dad?...Daddy? Can you get out of your covers, put your feet on the floor, walk to my room and carry me to your bed?

Jeremiah: Isaac, go back to sleep, bud.

Isaac: But can you carry me?

I get out of bed and go in his room thinking that perhaps he has wet the bed, since he is now sleeping all night in his big boy underwear.

Me: Isaac, are you wet?

Isaac: No. Can you just carry me to your bed...yeah I'm wet.

I flip on his lamp and pull back his covers. He looks dry so I start to reach so that I can feel. Isaac started to put his hand where I was about to touch, but not before I feel that he is, in fact, dry.

Me: Isaac, you're not wet, go back to sleep.

Isaac (rubbing his eyes): I'm wetter than you are.

Me (stifling a chuckle as I turn off the lamp): Just go back to sleep.

Isaac: But I was talking to my dad.

It was funny, but if I had known I wouldn't have gotten back to sleep after that, I might have sent Jeremiah instead.


liz said...

that IS funny.

I was just amazed at my 2 year old saying 'no sleep, mommy's bed" and pointed to my room.

From your entry today now I know he was probably really thinking about it greater detail. I can't wait to hear him put more words together, it's so funny to finally hear what they are thinking.

Kik said...

He is funny! If he's that clever right now about trying to work the system, imagine what you'll have on your hands in the years to come. =) What a stinkin' cutie!

Katie said...

He's such a funny boy. And Wahoo about all night in underwear!

Kik said...

Gwen-- I have to tell you, I am LOVING the link you have on here for Want Not. It is so cool! I want to check it everyday now. There are a couple links on there for deals that I would have loved, but are expired now because I just clicked on the link for the first time yesterday. Anyway, thanks! It's great.

Anonymous said...

My clock is ticken' - your dead meat!!!


K.C. said...

Not sure who Amber is, but that is scary!
I love that Isaac really does know how to work the system! He is going to be trouble soon enough!

Anonymous said...

don't worry amber is harmless, mostly...

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