Saturday, September 02, 2006

Must. Contain. Excitement.

First, let me begin by saying that I am socially equivalent to a puppy who's been left home all day. I sit and do the things I need to do, but I long for someone to play with. Then, when placed in a social environment, I become overactive. Much like the puppy who jumps up and down and licks the face of its owner when they finally reunite. And while no one thinks much of my jumping up and down, the face licking is a little awkward.

So we have these neighbors who moved in next door a year ago recently. They are about our same age, share our religious beliefs, and they have kids near the same age as our kids. Since they've moved in I've imagined playdates in the front yards where the moms sit and hold the babies and chat away the afternoon while the boys play with their swords and squish bugs. But I think I've mentioned my inability to make new friends. I'm just afraid to do it. So, until recently, the extent of our neighborliness has been to say "hello" in the driveway and in the hallway at church. Thank heaven I have a son.

This week Isaac finally realized that the two boys next door actually live there. And they have toys that he doesn't have. So whenever he sees their car in the driveway he tells me, "I'm going to see my friends." And while I'm afraid to make friends, Isaac is fairly comfortable with it. He walks over to their front door with confidence while I walk timidly behind him (maybe I really am K-9.) He invites them out to play.

They come out, followed by their mom, toting her baby. I yell, "I have one of those!" and run home to wake Kenley from her nap, rip her from her crib and hold her up in front of the neighbor and scream, "See? I have a baby too! Can we be friends?" That's when her kids are told to run inside, they draw the shades and I hear the bolt lock. At least, that's what I'm afraid will happen.

In all actuality, the boys come out, their mom comes out, and the babies are both napping. We start to chat while the boys play. Our husbands come home from work and we all sit and have a good visit. We mention Labor Day. They don't have plans. Neither do we. We have this awesome grill. They like food. We love to play games. They have tons of board games. 5:30 sounds okay!

And so, I think, I think, it may be official. We have finally made a friend, and I'm no longer the family dog.


Katie said...

Yay! It's so fun to have friends close by. I hope you guys have a great get-together.

Gina said...

That first paragraph made me laugh out loud! You are so cute!

Loving this whole post and wishing you the best in befriending your neighbors! I love having good friends that close!

Sunny said...

Its so great to have neighborhood friends. Our neighbors ended up being my children's grandparents (for lack of having any living close by). Our dear neighbors moved away to a town about 30 miles from here several years ago, but we still see them from time-to-time, exchange Christmas cards, etc. and all the kids still call them Grandma Charlotte and Grandpa Dale. Aunt Cheryl

Kik said...

Ok! I'm dying to hear how it went with the new found friend candidates!

Design Mom said...

Congrats on the new friends. I think your writing is terrific.