Thursday, August 31, 2006

5 Quirks

This is kind of like Kiki's 6 Weird Things post(s), except I totally don't think I'm weird. At all. But there are a few things about me that maybe others would consider, well, quirky.

1. I really want to learn how to yodel. Seriously, do you know how much vocal talent and control it takes to yodel? I love to sing and I think learning to yodel would improve my singing abilities by a ton. Plus, how fun would it be to do at family reunions?

2. I love french fries and milkshakes...together. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it. Think of it as a Fun Dip where the fries are the candy stick and the milkshake is the fruity, candy powder. It's the perfect balance of opposites; sweet, salty; solid, liquid; hot, cold; crunchy, smooth; unhealthy, even more's really good. My favorite combo is Wendy's fries and a chocolate Frosty. Go try it today and see if it isn't just awesome.

3. I kind of like the smell of skunk. Now I'm not saying I wish Glade would put it in their line of fragrances, but every once in a while, driving down the country hiways, I'll get a whiff and mildly enjoy it. (Okay, you can call me "weird" for that one.)

4. I am terrified of overpasses. Well, maybe I'm not afraid of the overpasses themselves, but the traffic on the overpass as I'm driving below. If the vehicle on the overpass is larger than mine I get a heavy feeling in my chest and short of breath. I just know that the overpass is going to collapse under the weight of the vehicle and I will be crushed by the rubble. Usually I am able to avoid it by slowing down or speeding up, but when I don't, I sometimes wish I carried around clean underwear, ya know? (Maybe I exaggerated that last little bit.)

5. Seafood is gross. You'll notice I didn't say, "I don't like seafood." This one is not about me. It's a statement, and it's true. And I'm telling all of you who eat it that I find that beyond quirky, it's just. plain. weird. Why would anyone like something so gross? My husband and I argue about this quite often. He doesn't like asparagus and I don't like seafood. How weird is he?

So now I want to know your 5 quirks. And I promise I won't call you weird, unless of course you post that you like seafood.


Gammie said...



Katie said...

Totally the funniest post I've read in a long time, Gwen. You are a hoot! I will do my 5 Quirky Things next week. I'm already shirking the mountain of clean laundry waiting to be put away.

Gina said...

K, Amen to #5, Gwen! I am with you all the way!

And the skunk bit was freakin' hilarious!!!

Sunny said...

1. Yodel- REALLY? Can't wait to hear you sing - bet it is lovely. Now I have something to look forward too.
2. Ditto - I agree & love them both(but haven't tried them together, as you mentioned-hummmmmmmmm)
3. Thought I was the only wierd one who did not mind the smell-Grandma Backus(in Idaho Falls)told me her mom use to put skunk grease on their chest when they had a cold as a child. That's one to think about-how did they get the grease?
4. I hate going over them-I'm always thinking I will drive off the edge & land below on top of someone or we will have an earthquake, like the Northridge quake where the overpass colapsed.
5. Are you kidding-Love it, love it! All kinds from sushi(my ultimate love)to any & all types of cooked seafood, crabs, lobster, claims, & any and all types of fish. I must be one of the ultimate wierd ones! Aunt Cheryl
P.S. Love asparagus too!

Jeremiah said...

I have no problem with your quirks, but let's face it, asparagus is a WEED, it is not to be eaten. WHERE does that crap grow in the wild all by itself? ON DITCH BANKS!! Thinking that is edible is indefensible.

liz said...

skunk smell reminds me of a cabin in the woods relaxing by a fire (in the cabin, not in the woods). it's a scent of comfort to me- so i am so with you on that one. it made me laugh out loud to read, even though i agree.