Thursday, August 17, 2006

No Passport Required

Ladies and Gentlemen! I present to you Morocco (as recently experienced at Destinations Inn.)

Yes, for Jeremiah's graduation I booked us a night away from kids, school, work, home and responsibility. A night much deserved and long overdue. We had not had an overnight experience since before Isaac was born.

The pictures can't quite do the room justice, but it was beautiful! When we arrived there was a bottle of chilled sparkling cider and cheesecake in the fridge. The room had everything! Microwave, mini-fridge, fireplace, mood lighting, water fountain, aromatherapy steam shower, chromotherapy champagne bubbler bathtub and projection television. Not to mention the 6 remotes that worked everything. (You can always tell it's a really nice place when they have 6 remotes in your room!)

It was really the nicest place I have ever stayed in, and it was the first time I stayed in a 5 Star establishment. So, um, I won't go into details about what all we did (you're welcome..*wink* *wink*) but I'll suffice it to say that we really
had a good time. And one of the funnest parts was that Jeremiah was COMPLETELY SURPRISED! I actually kept an exciting secret from him long enough to let him see the surprise, instead of telling him about it.

The only downside to the whole thing (aside from having to leave such a fun room) was that after having spent so much time with Jeremiah, things had to back to normal. He had to go back to work and I had to go back to being with the kids. And now we don't see each other much. But we really did have a good time and at least we have some fun memories to draw on when I get to missin' him.


Katie said...

Covet, covet! It looks like such a nice room. I'm glad you had a fun getaway. You guys deserve it!

Cheryl Leonard said...

Wow what an awesome room, great pictures too! So glad you were able to enjoy some time away, that is most important for a good marriage. Who kept the kids? Did you go out to dinner or order room service? Just where is this place? Definitely a beautiful place. What a lovely memory! Aunt Cheryl