Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Graduation Day

Jeremiah graduated Friday, August 4. It was a really nice graduation. After spending five years at the university he walked at commencement and is now the proud owner of a diploma cover. (Actual diploma ETA: October.)

The ceremony was wonderfully short nice. It lasted only about and hour and that was great. There were only a couple of speakers and they promoted the university and its merits and, of course, dropped many solicitations to join the Alumni Club so that we could continue to pay them money...only this time it would be a donation. Good luck with that guys! Like we're really going to spend another dime on your campus! They held graduation in the 17 million dollar Performing Arts Center that Jeremiah's tuition helped pay for. This was the first time, and most likely the last, he saw the inside.

And yes, Jeremiah does look a bit like a peacock. While he was ordering his cap and gown he asked if he wanted to "look like a decorated idiot" for graduation. I may have answered, "Um, duh!" Each one of those decorations is an accomplishment! They are symbolic of all the time, effort, and sacrifice, both on his part and the part of the family, that went into his education. In fact, as Jeremiah shook hands with the president of the university (see above photo) the president said, "Good luck, it looks like you did a helluva job." And I have to say, of all the undergraduates, he was by far the most decorated.

His GPA was .05 short of graduating "With Honors," and I consider that a great accomplishment considering he worked almost full time all through school, not to mention the fact that he has a wife and two kids and has had various callings in the church that take up time as well. In short, I am SO PROUD OF HIM! (Here ends my bragging wife segment.)

Here he is with a fellow Education graduate.

And here we all are on graduation day. What a handsome family, I must say. And we really must thank all of those who have helped us get Jeremiah through school. All those who have offered support, helped with research and been resources themselves. Not to put aside Jeremiah's individual effort, but it really took all of you to get him through it. Thanks to you and to Jeremiah, well done.


Katie said...

Congratulations, Jeremiah! And to the rest of the family as well. It really does take a family to put the Daddy through school. What a wonderful accomplishment for you both. So, um, I hear Our Own Private Idaho has a very nice seminary building...and nice students...and a great break room. So, you know, think about that.

Uncle At Large said...

That's my boy....All them Marvin's are smart but Jerry, he's a goodun. Proud of you. Now if you can just get paid what you are worth, I can depend on financial support in my old age.

Gosh I love applesauce cookies.....