Wednesday, August 23, 2006


We'll never grow out of it.

As was evidenced in my previous post, my baby is growing up. Kenley is so busy, she never sits still. She has begun to climb and apparently is not afraid of anything. Gone are the days when I could hold her in my arms and cuddle with her. Now the only way to get her to snuggle up is to walk her to her crib at nap or bed time. She knows that I'm far more likely to continue holding her if she places her sweet, fuzzy head on my shoulder and reaches her hand around the back of my neck to stroke at my hair. I love it when she does this.

The other night as I put her to bed in this manner I savored the moment. With one arm tucked under her bottom and another patting her tiny back, leaning my head on hers, we just seemed to fit. I marveled at this little spirit in my arms, in my care. I felt sad to think that before I know it she will not longer fit in my arms. I held on a little longer before placing her gently in her crib.

Then I started to get Isaac ready for bed. After being with the baby I noticed just how big Isaac was getting. He no longer needs me to put on his pajamas for him. He can "do it by myself." I helped him brush his teeth and then I sat on his bed. When he came in he climbed up in my lap and turned around to give me a great big hug. He placed his head on my shoulder, arms around my neck and legs around my waist. It struck me: he still fits! He was born smaller than Kenley has ever been and yet, 3 years later, he still fits. I held him until he pulled away and asked for his night time story. I read a longer story than usual and sang more than one song before finally turning off his light and kissing him goodnight.

I got myself ready for bed. I stayed up reading to myself until Jeremiah got home. When he finally came in to bed for the night we snuggled up. And you know what? We fit too.


Katie said...

Beautiful post. I think one of the best you've ever written.

Cheryl Leonard said...

They grow up far too quickly. My oldest is 25 yrs old and she became engaged last weekend. Today she told me the date will be in October 2007. I don't want to let her go, she was my little baby, my first and was 7 lbs. even and 19 inches long. I remember every minute of her birth as if it happened yesterday. It sounds like you are enjoying every moment, for they grow up far too quickly, and then you have to let them go - Love Aunt Cheryl

Amber said...

Awwww....... so cute! You are such a great mommy.