Monday, August 21, 2006

50 Things

periwinkle queen sheets
Doctrine and Covenants video guidebook
purple gingham baby bib
M&L Technologies mug
a single, pink, baby jelly shoe
3 diapers (unused!)
3 unopened packages dinosaur fruit snacks
April 1985 General Conference audiotapes
Aaronic Priesthood manual
pink baby washcloth
3 plastic grocery bags
Isaac's jacket
a pair of Isaac's socks
2 pair of Isaac's pants
Isaac's sandals
Isaac's shirt
Isaac's shorts
1 pair of Isaac's tighty-whitey underwear
1 bag full of yarn and unfinished practice project
black Sharpie marker
Jacob's Ladder from Mexico
blue hairclip
purple and green sippy cup
Subway card
foam baseball from local ballpark
dust cover for children's book
my scripture case
recent photos of our family printed by our friend Andrew
Jeremiah's History Honor Society Sash from graduation
our digital camera
2 CDRs
box of Kleenex
8 children's books
1 children's book carrying case
1 bobby pin

Are these:
a) 50 things I sold at our yard sale?
b) 50 things I am embarrassed to admit I recently cleaned out of my car?
c) 50 things I am willing to discard if it means more space in my office?
d) 50 things I carry in my daiper bag?

Answer: B.


Katie said...

I would have [i]never[/i] guessed your is always so clean! I was thinking it was your bedroom.

Gina said...

It must be recently cleaned out of your car!