Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Law, According to Mom

A few days ago Isaac crawled under Kenley's crib. I looked over and saw him through the side rail, which was lowered, and said, "Isaac, you're in jail!" Then I did what any hopeful mother of a future jailbird responsible mother would do... "Isaac, there's gonna be a jailbreak. I'm bustin' ya outta here." I lift up the siderail and say, "Run. RUN! Before the cops get ya!"

Since then he has been continually on the lookout for cops, whom I think he's decided are much like "bad guys."

***** ***** *****

Isaac has been very interested in traffic lights and street signs as of late. He knows that a red light means stop, green means go, and that a yellow light says, "Sslloooww Doooowwwnn." He recognizes stop signs and likes to point out the numbers on speed limit postings.

As we went for a walk the other day he insisted that we stop - for a very. long. time. - at every stop sign, even if he saw one across the street that didn't even apply to us. We walked up to yet another stop sign and Isaac said, of course, "Stop sign says STOP!" I was getting impatient at having to wait at every corner and so decided to point down at the green grass and say, "But the grass is green, so we can go."
I can just hear it now..."Yes, officer, of course I saw the stop sign. But didn't you see that tree? It's green. Everyone knows that green means least...that's what my mom taught me."


liz said...


i got a B in home economics in jr. high because choose "let the dishes soak" instead of "washing them right away" on a test. that's how my mother taught me.

Gammie said...


Gina said...

That is so cute and so funny! You are a great mom! A fun one too! You are so clever to say the grass is green so you could get going.

I will try to refrain from teaching Liam the stop sign stuff as long as possible!

scribbit said...

Very funny. My kids wanted to know what a purple light meant? How about a brown? Or a blue? We're still thinking about that one.