Wednesday, July 11, 2007

All That Glitters... gone!

Jack has not been a happy baby the last few days. I think he's having a hard time in the heat. Plus he has had trouble passing gas. So today I sat nursing him for about 40 minutes trying to get him to go to sleep. Isaac sat in the same room with me watching TV and it dawned on me that I couldn't hear Kenley anywhere.

I asked Isaac to go and see what Kenley was doing. He walked down the hall, stopped and looked down at Kenley (I couldn't see her still) and then came back and assured me, "Nuffing." Good, I thought, I can finish getting Jack settled down.

Isaac and I have different definitions of "nuffing."

When Jack was finally asleep I too ventured down the hall, only to find this-

Yes, Kenley had found my make-up bag and decided she needed some beautifying. She got into the eyeshadow and blush and had wild time. A good share of it was smeared on her feet but it appears the majority of it she dug out with her fingernails and deposited on the floor.

It's so hot here and getting mad takes a lot of effort (even if she did use it all and I just bought it a month ago) so I just grabbed the camera and took a few snapshots. I called for Isaac to come and see what she had done. I asked him why he didn't tell me Kenley was making a big mess. It amazes me how children are more than eager to report the most minor of incidences - i.e. "She's looking at me!" "She's touching my chair!" - and neglect those of greater importance. Isaac, of course, had no answer for me. But they were both willing to help clean up and at least I got a fresh post idea from it.


Katie said...

She is darling! My boys were about this age when they started doing their make-up too, I think.

Yup. Here it is. I guess they were just over two. Kenley must be advanced for her age.

seantam00 said...

She does look very pretty! Sometime I have to just get the camera when Zaine does different things or I know I will over react. That way I don't feel bad later and I have some great pictures for when he grows up.