Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Whole Lot of Nothing

Aah, closing day is near. We had a change of plans and we are closing on both homes tomorrow. I'm very excited! We've been moving boxes by the truck-load into the garage of our new home for the last two days. (And by truck I mean my brother's Silverado and Jeremiah's pick-up, which is so small it's been mistaken for an ice cream scoop on wheels.) I got a key to the house from the neighbor last night and I'm very tempted to just go start moving in to the house today. But I should be packing up the last of things here so that we can just move furniture on Friday.

Things would go a lot faster here if I weren't so lazy and if Jack would cooperate and if Jeremiah hadn't busted up his knee playing the hero at a baseball game last week. He may have damaged his ACL - he has an MRI scheduled for this afternoon - and has a 15 lb. lifting restriction. So we're going to be that family in the ward asking everyone to move them. Don't you love that family?

Also, I couldn't sleep last night. Maybe I was just anticipating a sleepless night with Jack based on the two previous nights. Or maybe it was the Dr. Pepper I had with dinner around 8. But I got up with Jack at 2 this morning. He went right back to sleep, but I was awake until at least 5. Most of the time I spent laying in bed with arbitrary bits of random miscellanea running through my head. I did however get up and read a few pages in the latest (and last?) Harry Potter installment. (Not a wise selection, I've now decided, since they tend to be addictive and I certainly have no time for reading at the present.) When I can't sleep I have a sure-fire defense, I only have to ask Jeremiah to hold me and it's not long before I'm catching up on those z's. Since I know he hasn't been sleeping well because of said injury, I just waited for him to wake before asking him to hold me. Finally I got some sleep. Even Jack cooperated and slept until 8.

Now, on to packing, cleaning, laundry and wishing I had time to read that book!


Gammie said...

When it pours! But just think, a few months ago you had no idea where you'd end up. All things considered life is pretty smooth. Sorry you can't sleep...just too much excitement. I hear that Excedrin PM is great stuff. Anyway, now that we're home maybe we can help with a couple of little Martin's and an old beat up pick-up truck. She's a BEAUT!! "Bubba's" yours for the taking. Love you tons!

seantam00 said...

How exciting! Closing on both houses on the same day, how often does that happen? Anyway, congrats on the house again. When you finally get a chance to read the HP book it will be hard to put down but it really good.

Katie said...

Yay for moving day! My bet is that no one shows up to help you move because they all wish you were staying in the ward. Or else everyone shows up because they just want to be around you. I know I sure do! I can't wait to come see your new digs.

And that's so sweet about Jeremiah being able to put you to sleep.