Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Boy That Made Him a Father

On Father's Day I got the kids to church a little late so we had to sit in the foyer during the passing of the Sacrament. There were 2 missionaries sitting across from Isaac and me. Isaac looked at them, cuddled close to me and announced, "I want to be a missionary someday."

I was swelling with pride at his intentions, put my arm around him and said, "Oh, buddy. I hope you do."

"Yeah. I already have lots of cool ties!"


Jeremiah and Isaac play paper games to keep Isaac quiet during Sacrament meeting. They play that game where you draw a line between dots to make a square and claim it with your initial (does that game have a name?), Jeremiah makes dot-to-dot puzzles for him and they play tic-tac-toe.

They were in the middle of their game playing when Isaac came over to me just beaming and said, "Mom, I'm giving Dad lots of Father's Day gifts! We were playing tic-tac-toe and I let him go first, TWO TIMES! That's lots of gifts!" Followed by a laugh so high-pitched it sent dogs outside on a barking frenzy.


kelsey said...

Oh my gosh thats so sweet!

tammy d said...

Love it! Especially the part of having lots of cool ties!

K.C. said...

Don't you love the innocence and surety of their lives? I love your kids! They make me laugh every time you have something new to post!

E&A said...

Hey two gifts are more than Eric got for fathers day.