Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Oh, Jack

You make me laugh. Even when you wake me up before the sun is even thinking about showing itself in the horizon. But that doesn't mean that I wouldn't love it if you would sleep just a little later.

You are trying so hard to talk. When you hand me something you say, "Ih-ugo" and I'm certain you are saying "Here you go." You've added "ow" to your vocabulary and because you are extremely active we hear it quite often.

You like to get on the couch, hold on to the back of the cushion and JUMP! You think it is hilarious and it is extremely fun to watch, even if I can't breathe or feel my heartbeat for fear that you'll fall. Still I let you do it because I can see the pride and joy on your face. And I'm always close by to catch you if you fall...or jump off the couch.

You are quite mobile for your age. Just this weekend, while we were in Yellowstone, complete strangers were snapping pictures of you because they couldn't believe someone your size could be running.

I love to see how smart you are. When you want to come down the stairs you throw your bottle to the bottom, crawl down, and pick it up at the last step so that you don't have to bother carrying it down with you. You are also very playful and love to steal toys away from your siblings while their back is turned and off you go. You never get upset when they catch up to you and take them back, but you always have a smug look on your face like you know someday you'll be able to take them.

I have to admit I quite adore you. Your smile is so crooked and sweet and you have a shy side that simply makes me melt.


K said...

Posts like this make me miss having babies around. I should come see your babies more often!

Kelsey said...

Aww I just love babies!