Friday, June 06, 2008

We Got Plans

Last week Jeremiah came home one night and asked if we do anything on Thursdays. When I answered that we don't he took a permanent marker to the calendar and wrote, "We Got Plans" on every Thursday in June, but he never told me what they were. All he said was that I needed to wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to laugh. I was committed to go out of sheer intrigue.

Isaac read the calendar and inquired of Jeremiah just what our plans were. Jeremiah told him that he couldn't tell him because it was a surprise for Mommy. Isaac seemed placated and didn't bring it up again until Sunday night when Jeremiah's family was over. We all sat around the table for dinner when Isaac piped up, "Guess what everybody? Every Thursday night, my mom and dad got plans!" Everyone exchanged curious glances at Jeremiah and I and all I could do was point to the calendar, plead ignorance and blush.

So last night was the first Thursday of the month and I was certainly surprised when Jeremiah met up with a group of friends and took us to a Ballroom Dance class! The comment about comfortable shoes and laughter suddenly made sense. I did get a lot of laughs while Jeremiah and I tried to find our way through the Swing. It was a blast and I am so looking forward to Thursdays this month!

Whahoo for my guy!


E&A said...

I would ask where my real husband was if Eric signed us up for ballroom lessons. Way to go Jeramiah!

seantam00 said...

How fun! Sean knows how to ballroom dance and has taught me a little bit. It is so much fun!

Kristy Skoy said...

Sean and I use to ballroom dance together in High School. I wish my hubby would dance with me.
Cute blog.
I found you through Tammy. I know Jeramiah from school. And I am in his Mom's ward now. I hope you are ok with me reading.

Gwen said...

It's the internet, anyone can read! Thanks for the comment.