Sunday, June 29, 2008

We Went Camping

"For reals!"

So in an effort to force Katie to hang out with me I decided to prey on her weakness and suggest we go camping together. She took the bait and we found a charming little campground that was good enough for us.

Generally Jeremiah and I will set up the tent in our backyard and tell the kids we're camping and that gets us out of a lot of work that actually is camping. But because Isaac is heading to school soon, I decided that this would be a good summer to really do fun things. So we loaded up the small amount of camping gear that we own (i.e. a tent and a cooler) and headed up to the hills to find the cute little campground with a creek.

We got there first and got the fire started and dinner ready. True to form, Kate's family showed up just in time to eat. :^) Jeremiah and I made tin foil dinners and they tasted quite good. Even Jake ate all the food on his plate, which Katie informed me was a rarity.

My kids were so excited to be camping "for reals." Isaac thought it was great to sleep in a tent, Kenley loved to be in the mountains and Jack inspected every ounce of dirt in the camp site and kept a great deal of it with him in his clothing. It was good for me to just let go and let the kids get as dirty as possible. (Although when we got home and it was time to do laundry I may have had a little aneurysm.)

Josh and Kate cooked us breakfast on their camp stove and then we let Alli and Kaden lead us on a hike up a lovely hillside carpeted with yellow wildflowers. After the hike we stripped off our shoes and froze off our toes in the creek.

We only camped overnight, but that was perfect for two families with young children and no toilet.


K said...

We must make this an annual event. It was the perfect spot with perfect company for the right amount of time.

As for forcing me to hang out with you, I believe you will remember me lobbying quite hard for Jeremiah to put in for a transfer to Our Own Private Idaho, yes? Then you could buy a house next door and we'd hang out every day!

E&A said...

Carpeted hill-sides, cute little campgrounds, and a perfect weekend. I would love to go camping but unfortunately, Eric only has time to take his stinky, winy, obnoxious scouts. I don't know which one of us is REALLY missing out.