Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Enjoying Christmas Adam?

It's the final countdown to Christmas and I've kind of lost steam. I was feeling pretty jolly for a while there and then Jeremiah and Isaac got sick. Jeremiah's finally on the upswing and Isaac seems to be improving as well. They've both had priesthood blessings which made a marked difference in their recovery progress. I've since contracted a cough but I'm doing my best to ignore it. (My sincere thanks to the makers of Nyquil.) Hopefully we'll all feel well enough this evening to deliver neighbors' gifts.

I'm hoping that as Christmas Eve approaches the kids will get excited and it will rub off on me. And I'm hoping that none of use are contagious and can go to my parents house, I have something really fun I'd like to do there.

Anyway, if you have some Christmas cheer, send it my way. For now, I think I'll make myself some hot cocoa and read by the Christmas tree.

Happy holidays y'all!

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