Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Off to...Mutual?

Okay, so a couple of weeks ago I was released from the Primary Presidency and put in as the new Laurels advisor. I had a lot of mixed feelings about the change. After the roller coaster of emotions I've finally landed on excitement. Tonight is my first night to go to mutual. We are making fleece blankets for the presidency and advisors that were released from YW. It feels a little weird to be going back to mutual, but it should be fun. Wish me luck!


Paradise said...

You are going to do sooo much good with your service to the Young Women. Not to mention you have incredible people to serve with you. Curtis really enjoys Young Men's because of the leaders... and of course the youth! You were under-utilized in Primary, now you are going to serve, serve, serve! ps I have something for you for your b-day! Happy Birthday!
pss I still haven't had any of your cheesecake. We wanted to share it with my inlaws on their anniversary, which was on the 28th, Sunday. We ended up just dropping it off b/c we were in a hurry to get to Salmon. Oh the sacrifices I make. Sacrifices that I try not to be bitter about. I'll get over to my inlaws for my piece...TODAY!

tammy_d said...

You will do wonderful! I get to be with the YW in our ward as the historian. It's a great job ~ I only teach once a year and get to know the YW! It's so much fun. They are great girls.

Audrey said...

Don't forget to wear your hair in a messy side pony, huge loop earings and the leggings with a cute short skirt and little girl shoes.
"They'll like totally heart you!"

(I've always wanted to be put into young women. Haven't made it that far yet, I guess. I'll look forward to the stories that will follow.)