Tuesday, December 09, 2008

First Words and Phrases

I remembered being asked at Kenley's 18-month check up how her vocabulary was coming along. I answered 25 words at the time and then wondered if I had exaggerated. I came home and kept a list of words she said over a three day period and was surprised that 25 words was conservative.

Jack had his 18-month check up in October. I anticipated the Dr. asking me about his vocabulary as well so I prepared by making a list of his words (as well as his pronunciations.) Once again, my expectations were conservative. Here they are.

*mommy*daddy*help*up*no*yep*brush (besh)*
*shoes (use - although it used to be pronounced douche... kind of sad to see that one go)*
*Bucka (that's what the kids call my dad)*ball*
*bottle (which he says when he wants a drink)*uh-oh*oh-no*
*here you go (ih-ugo)*out*hold on (oh-dah)*please (peas)*more (moh)*nose*
*apple*this (diss)*mine*cookie (cook)*on*again (nen)*bite*ow*kiss*buckle*
*pretzel (beh-too)*eat*yucky*there it is (deh-tis)*hurt*water*Amen*one*wow*
*bye-bye*poo-poo*pee-pee*baby*banana (nanana)*juice*
*open (ope)*go*yes*house*animal (almo)*look*Elmo*

That was the list I made before the visit. I've added more since then. It seems like he is learning about two new words a day. Even as I've been typing he displayed a new word. He's been playing with a tape measure. He pulls out the tape, lets it go and then says, "Menny" which I'm going to guess is *funny,* judging by the laughter that follows.

My favorite word that he says is blanket, because he says "beddu." I don't know where it came from but I think it's cute. Also, he calls both Isaac and Kenley "Iyat." I love it!


tammy d said...

I love it when they start figuring things out and can help you figure out what they want!

E&A said...

All three of your kids are genius. I can't wait to see what they decide to do as adults..very exciting!

Anonymous said...

I love the little kids chitter chatter, it really is so darn cute! I miss the "diss and dhat" and most of all trying to figure out what they are saying and want! Thanks for sharing - Aunt Cheryl

Gammie said...

I see that the word "GAMMIE" is not on this list. You really need to work on that one. How can a boy go through childhood without learning that all-important word. His education is definitely lacking. I expect to see much progress on that word--and quickly!

the Gammie