Saturday, January 24, 2009

Birthday Recap

I've neglected to post about my awesome birthday. I had awonderful day. Really it could not have been any better. I started out by going shopping with my mom and little brother. I had birthday money and cheesecake money to blow so I bought myself a football, The Office - Season 4, a pair of jeans and a bunch of Christmas clearance stuff.

I was treated to lunch at the Mongolian Grill. I love that place. I'm one of those people who loads the bowl with meat and veggies first and then piles on the noodles up top. I'm quite shameless about it. When I got home the house was spotless and the kids yelled "Surprise!" It certainly was a welcome and much appreciated surprise.

Later that day we took our little family bowling. Kenley lost all interest after about 3 frames and spent the rest of the time "driving" the arcade games. Jack wasn't too sure about it either, so mostly we just chased him around and tried to keep him entertained with the air blower. (Watch the video to see how Jack bowled.) Isaac was really interested in the Buck Hunting game at the arcade and came back to the lane only when it was his turn to bowl. Jeremiah and I bowled - which was really fun, since that was what we did on our first date - and I creamed him both games. (Though, to be honest, neither of us had high scores.) Maybe he just let me win because it was my birthday. Either way, it was a blast. We came home and I opened gifts and we had dessert. The kids went off to bed and Jeremiah gave me a footrub - my favorite loving gesture from my hubby - and I drifted off to sleep. Like I said, I had a wonderful day.

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Chapmans23 said...

Gosh, that sounds like the ultimate Birthday day! I am sure you deserved it, although I am not sure about the footrub! after a day of shopping, lunch and bowling he thinks you deserve a footrub? jk, what better way to end the day. I am glad you had a happy birthday.