Monday, January 12, 2009

The Duality of Kenley

Kenley has always loved to help me cook. She's the first one to push a chair across the floor and stand next to the counter as I prepare dinner. Santa is so smart because he got Kenley her own baking kit.

I love this picture. Doesn't my daughter look so sweet and innocent? I was making bread and she pulled out her kit and enjoyed rolling her own dough. I especially love the wisps of flour across her nose and forehead. This is a good time (and picture) for me to remember.

Because Kenley is not always sweet.

The other day the kids had gorged themselves on junk food and I finally put it away. I later found Kenley trying to pull the bag off the counter. I reprimanded her and she walked away. Pretty soon I couldn't find Kenley and the house was pretty quiet. I walked into my room and heard crunching. The kids often play in my closet so I checked there but it was childless. I could still hear crunching. I turned around and found her here.

Kenley was hiding in the corner, behind the mirror, with the entire bag of chips. She didn't even react when I found her. She just looked at me, grabbed another chip and shoved it in her mouth. I thought about yelling, but I grabbed the camera instead. I'd like to have lots of evidence of both her sides.


Gammie said...

HILARIOUS! She's her mommy through and through. When Gwennie girl was a child she never argued, never talked back, she just very quietly went about doing exactly what she wanted. And here we have it . . . the next generation doing the same thing. I ADORE the picture of Kenley with her apron and rolling pin and I think her Gammie deserves her own copy of that photo. PLEASE? You're a good little mommy!


Chapmans23 said...

That is hilarious, she is too guilty with that look on her face, and she does not care. She is absolutely a beautiful little girl. Isn't Santa a genius, he knows just what little girls want.

Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

Oh she IS darling :) What a cute little chef- good luck in the giveaway!