Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Who'd Have Guessed I Could Be So Domestic?

I'm feeling pretty productive today. I wore a hole in the knee in my favorite pair of jeans last year. I just couldn't part with the denim that I so loved, so I bought some eyelet fabric to sew some panels in and make the jeans into a skirt. I've put off the project for a long time but I decided that today was the day. I took me all morning to get it done (which really isn't too bad considering the interruptions from the children) but it's finished and I'm really pleased with the result. Maybe now I can justify buying a new top to wear with it.

For mutual tonight we are having an adopt a grandparent dinner. The Laurels, whom I am advisor to, were assigned to make clam chowder. Yuck! Clam chowder? Seriously? Do they not know of my intense distaste for anything seafood? Anyway, I just couldn't bring myself to use any of my own personal ingredients on such a thing so I developed my own Corn Chowder recipe instead. I've always loved corn chowder but I've never had a good recipe. Well, today I remedied that as well. I'm sharing my recipe over on my other blog.

So really I'm feeling like I got a lot accomplished so far today. Don't ask me about the state of my family room though. The kids got their own snacks and decided they needed to feed most of it to the carpet.

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