Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Judge Not

Don said...
You must really have no life if American Idol is your life-blood. I cannot stand the show nor do I really care about what these people do to get onto a show like this.
I have a better use for my time than some kind of variety show.

What can I say, Don? I guess you're right...I have no life. Obviously you think the "better use for [your] time" is reading a stranger's blog and talking down to the author. That must be very rewarding. If only the rest of us could be so full of purpose.

I am sticking out my tongue at you, Don. *phbbbt*


Anonymous said...

Yeah, "Don" also likes beating up little girls, kicking puppies, and taking candy away from babies. :P

K said...

Gwen, is this your first troll? How exciting! You're officially sitting at the cool table in the lunchroom now! I've yet to have one, so I'll just hide behind my hair and try not to stare at your awesomeness.

Don said...


Don does not like little girls, or taking candy away from babies. he does like puppies and dogs in general.

and I wasn't talking down the author, just making an observation about AI and what a waste of time it is. Just not my cup of tea