Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What Do You Expect With 3 Kids?

Right before Christmas we went through the toys as a family. Each child picked out a few toys that they really wanted to keep and we made sure they all fit into their toy box - a small storage container. The rest we donated.

So a while ago we decided to take down the bed in the guest room so the kids would have a room to play. We figured it would be easier to set up the bed when we had company rather than try to keep the kids from jumping on it the other 99.99% of the time. Since that decision, the guest room seemed to explode with toys. Why bother putting them in the toy box when you can just shut the door, right?

Well last week we had company. Jeremiah had just bought some extra-large storage bins on clearance and put all the toys in one and placed it in the family room. I couldn't believe all the toys piled in there and overflowing! Hadn't we just gone through the toys and scaled down?

"How is it that the toys seem to have multiplied?" I questioned.

Jeremiah looked at me and replied flatly, "They obviously have more free time than we do."


K said...

I love Jeremiah's sense of humor. That's hysterical!

Tanielle said...

What an adorable family you have!! Your Mom passed on your blog hope you don't mind. You are still cute as ever! Have a great Thursday!

Gammie said...

How funny! Maybe the toys "have babies" like my fabric scraps do. No matter how many I use, I always seem to have MORE!