Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Signs of Spring*

The weather is finally changing over to Spring. Yesterday was so warm a beautiful! The kids and I went for a walk and played outside almost all day. In fact, I got a mild sunburn on my neck and Isaac's face is obviously sun-kissed. It was wonderful to be outside without puffy coats and footwear up to our knees.

We're right in the heart of the spring thaw. Jack was clever enough to find the stickiest mud on our property and wasted little time in sinking right in. He started to panic when both his feet got stuck and when I pulled him out the mud chose one of his shoes as a memento.If you've ever been at my house for any occasion in warm weather, chances are I've served you BBQ riblets and grilled pineapple for dinner. Because it was so nice outside I decided to welcome spring by firing up the grill and preparing a feast! It may sound dumb, but after all that effort on the grill, the baked potato I served with it was what really hit the spot.

Another thing that signifies the beginning of Spring for me is the urgent desire to shop! I don't know if it's a side effect of the cabin fever and stir craziness experienced during the winter months or if it's because we have 3 birthdays, our anniversary and Easter in April, but man I want to $pend! In any event, I try to remain responsible when I hit the stores. But when my 3 year old daughter insisted on jelly shoes instead of the cute sandals I picked out, I threw sensibility out the window. Because every little girl needs jelly shoes.

*I began this post on Saturday afternoon, before our fickle Spring decided to relent to the bossy winter. We've had snow every day since!


Caroline said...

is Jeremiah allowed to bbq? :P Tanner isn't since he burned off his eyebrows and nosehair a few summers back.

K said...

I love jelly shoes! I totally remember loving mine in the third grade.

tammy d said...

I must say I LOVE the grilled pineapple. When we got our grill, I was pregnant with Quinn and we had to get a rotisserie so we could do the pineapple because that was one of the cravings I had :) I wish spring would of stuck around longer. I am freezing this morning. Oh, and I LOVE the picture of Jake's shoe. Too cute!