Thursday, June 11, 2009

So, It's Come Down to This

I was going to post about my sadness at losing my iPod shuffle...but then I found it.

Really, don't be jealous that my life is so interesting.


K said...

I'm glad you found it! Yesterday my invitation to join The Now came----my first mp3 player! I haven't started toying with it yet, as I have more important things like getting ready for Girl Scout camp and reading your blog. But Sunday, after my nap, oh yes, then I will be a full fledged member of The Now.

Tanielle said...

Hey there congrats on your pregnancy, so did ya find out and decide not to tell anyone, or did I miss it somewhere?

Your kids are just too cute, where did your little cutie girl take dance from? It's so fun to watch the recitals, I miss it a lot..oh well, to be a grown-up...or something!:-)

Take care!