Saturday, June 06, 2009

Interview with the Kids 2009

Something you do well
I: Play game because I love playing games!
K: Clean up and play with Jack
J: Uh, that one.

Something you wish you could do better
I: Play games
K: Do something with Morgan and Carson
J: Uh, owie

Your favorite food
I: Macaroni and cheese
K: Bacon
J: Carrots

3 words that tell about you
I: Cool, I like to play battleship, I love my mom
K: Pretty, drawing, playing
J: Jack, this one (as he points to himself)

What makes you happy?
I: Playing computer
K: Giving you a hug
J: that card

The most important thing in your life right now
I: You
K: To give you potatoes
J: Birthday

Your favorite movie
I: Wall-E because the cars chase him and hit him
K: Aristocats
J: Wall-E

Your favorite book
I: Dinosaur Days
K: Tinkerbell
J: Football

Your favorite thing
I: Computer
K: Play dough at Nana's house
J: Balls

Your favorite place to go
I: To the bread store so you can get "Toastie" treats (Hostess)
K: To the restaurant
J: Gammie's house

Your favorite thing to draw
I: An octopus because they have EIGHT ARMS!!!...They're cool.
K: Letters
J: Book

Something you want for Christmas
I: Toys! Lots of 'em!
K: A dolly and a T-Rex
J: Basketball

Your favorite color
I: Red, purple, orange
K: Pink and green and blue and red
J: Orange

What do you like to play?
I: Games
K: With balloons
J: Football, basketball, baseball

What do you like to do when it's raining?
I: I guess jump in rain puddles
K: Go outside and play in the snow
J: Outside Gammie

Your favorite animal
I: Armadillo because they can transform into a ball
K: An elephant
J: Turtle

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K said...

Bacon? That Kenley is a girl after my own heart! I like Isaac's armadillo answer and I love that Jack knows himself so well---that boy and his sports are going to buy you a Mercedes someday.

tammy d said...

I love this! It so fun to compare to the other answers! I'll have to do this with my boys!