Wednesday, January 17, 2007

15 Reasons I Love You, Daughter

15 months...15 things...

1. You share my love for food. You will climb into your booster seat several times a day and either point to the fridge and say, "Dat" or just make a lot of noise until someone places food in front of you. Also, you give an insulted, indignant look to anyone who dares try to feed you baby food.

2. When you have resigned yourself to the fact that you must take a nap you will reach up and play with the sweet thin strands on your head that we encouragingly refer to as hair.

3. You smile at everything constantly, until we pay someone to capture it on film, and then, you will smile at nothing!

4. You cannot hear music without dancing or bouncing your arms to the rhythm. Just last week you led the Mormon Tabernacle Choir as we watched their broadcast at Gammie's house. I suspect the channel wouldn't have remained on that station so long if it weren't for your exuberance in conducting them.

5. You will sit still while I place numerous foam curlers in your hair, but the instant I am finished you insist on ripping them out.

6. You don't say much but you communicate very well. For a 15-month old you understand and follow directions really well. I can tell you to go get a tissue, close the fridge, and put something in the garbage and you are so quick to oblige. And you have done very well pointing and learning a few signs to let the rest of us know what it is you want.

7. You adore your older brother. I played peekaboo with you the other night and you were not interested at all until Isaac joined in. Then it was hysterical!

8. Sometimes you wake up earlier in the morning than I would like to get up so I bring you into bed with me. But you are not satisfied to lay next to me. No, you must be on me. And it's not just like you can lay your head on me and be happy, huh-uh. You require full-body contact and if I move to a position that does not suit you you have no qualms about pushing me back into place until you are once again comfortable. How dare I move my pregnant body beneath you in my own bed seeking my own comfort when clearly you are all that matters?

9. You think it is not only your privilege, but your personal duty to shred every piece of tissue or paper that comes across your path.

10. You love to chew on your toothbrush brush your teeth. You believe that anyone standing in front of the bathroom sink is brushing their teeth. You come in with the command of a Nazi, arm raised in front of you barking the order of, "Bwaahhh!" which we all have come to realize means, "I would like my toothbrush, please."

11. You believe that any object that is taller than you are is extending a challenge to you to climb it. We find you on the table several times a day and pull you down from other heights as well. Every time you are found atop some great height you smile triumphantly before jumping fearlessly into our arms.

12. You are a daredevil. You love it when Daddy tosses you into the air or spins you around. You especially enjoyed walking upside-down on the ceiling last night, courtesy of Dad.

13. You like to play wild, but there is a bit of a nurturer in you as well. Just the other day you wrapped up one of Isaac's Ninja Turtles in a bib a carried it around, patting it on the back.

14. You give the sweetest "loves" and kisses to everyone...except Uncle Gabriel, whom you insist on teasing relentlessly.

15. You are strong and independent. You don't let anyone push you around and you hold your own. Yet you show compassion and genuine concern for those around you. Last week Isaac had the flu and you had an intense look of worry on your face every time he cried in his misery. You clap for him when he moved his player in a game and you love to climb up next to him on the couch and just chill.

The list goes on, baby doll. I just adore you.


Gina said...

Very sweet list! I call Liam Baby Doll too! Cuz that is what he is! I always wanted a live one and finally have it!

Our babies are only 8 days apart! Liam will be 15 months on the 25th!

Katie said...

What a sweet list, Gwen! Kenley sure is a keeper. You make nice kids. You should have a busload.

Gammie said...

WHAT A WONDERFUL TREASURE OF WRITINGS ABOUT ONE SWEET BABY! You absolutely must print this up and put it in Kenley's baby book. She sounds so wonderful that we may just have to keep her next time you bring her down. She's such a pleasant little girl...and always so BUSY! She's going to be a musician for sure...I've never seen a baby with such rhythm. We adore Kenley and Isaac and we think they have the best mommy in the world.
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