Thursday, January 25, 2007

Let the Airstrike Begin

Jeremiah is working to become a Seminary teacher. He's been in the program for a while and has been teaching since August. It's quite a process that he has to go through. His trainer has to watch him teach pretty regularly and offer suggestions as needed. I remember Jeremiah telling me a long time ago that if his trainer thought things were going well someone from Salt Lake would come in and take a look. If that person liked what they saw then they would "call an air strike" and Jeremiah would then be bombarded by evaluators a little higher up and see where things go from there.

He's had numerous evaluations from his local trainer and on Friday he had his second evaluation from one of the guys from Salt Lake City. So anyway, the guy on Friday told Jeremiah that he would recommend that Jeremiah have an HR representative come to our home and that the both of us would go to Salt Lake "some time in the next month or two" and interview with a General Authority.

On Monday he gets a phone call. Could we be in Salt Lake, the next day, by 3:00 to meet with Elder Marcus B. Nash of the Seventy? *Ahhhhh!* Um, sure, we could do that! Then he got home to see that he had already received an e-mail saying that another fellow would be here on Thursday (today) to evaluate him and that our HR interview would be on Monday. When Jeremiah passed on that information I grinned and said, "Hey! Air strike!" and I wondered if that was the first time someone had been so happy while using that term.

So our "month or two" turned into just a few days and we have been in a whirlwind! But we're so excited. This doesn't necessarily mean that he'll be hired but from our experience on Tuesday - which I will be sure to write about as soon as I'm done deciding if it may have been a dream - really has put us at ease about our future.

So bring it least it's not the same kind of air raid my mother has been dealing with...


Katie said...

WAHOOOOOO! What wonderful news! Congratulations to Jeremiah, and to his lovely and supportive wife! YAY!

(So, um, could you request to live somewhere close to Our Own Private Idaho? Even if you move to Maryland, I'll come see you!)

Tammy_D said...

Congratulations! That's awesome news. Can't beleive it happened so fast. - The Dixons

Rachel said...

Hello my dear! Hope all is well with you! Tell Jeremiah "Congrats" for me! It sounds like you guys are staying busy up there! I am so excited about another addition to your family! You'll have to keep us posted on if it's a boy or girl, and what name is going to be! Chat with you soon!

Gina - Liam's Mom said...

That is so so so neat! What a cool process! I didn't know seminary teachers were paid. I guess that makes sense in Idaho and Utah though... there are tons of kids in the program.