Saturday, January 20, 2007

Important...But Not Really

I am not a writer. Things happen and I can retell the events, but my wit and humor is usually lost in the translation from my mind to the keyboard. I'm much better communicating in person. On paper (or monitor, as it were) I just don't have that gift of expression. It never fails that if I start to write and try to really express how I feel - or felt - about things it never turns out the way I'd like it to.

Yet, I continue to blog. I blog because I want to remember and document things that I might otherwise forget. I cannot claim that I display any literary prowess, but at least we'll have something to look back on, assuming I ever get this printed up and in a binder.

That's all.


Katie said...

Au contraire, my friend. You write beautiful posts---see your 15 Reasons one below. You are funnier in person...but you're still funny onscreen.

Caroline said...

No literary prowess? Can't say I agree with you on that :) I like reading your posts...both cause you have the most awesome (funny & cute too) stories to tell about your lil' ones, but you tell the stories so well too :) Can't wait to see what #3 will be like :)

Gammie said...

Are you kidding me??? I LOVE to read the little thoughts that come out of that cute little head. It's an ABSOLUTE joy to read about your exploits with the kids. As I was raising you kids I kept thinking, "I hope I live long enough to see my kids go through this"...and here it is! Keep writing Gwennie Girl...the rest of the world is just a' waitin'!

Gina - Liam's Mom said...

I agree you are pretty funny on screen too!

I am in the same boat... just making history, not trying too hard to come across witty. I, too, hope these things get put in a binder... this is my scrapbooking... the old way is for people with TIME!