Friday, May 08, 2009

Back Online

Yay for people who know what the heck they're doing on computers! Bye-bye you stupid virus.

Anyway, here are a few mental notes I've made over the past few weeks in hopes of posting once our computer got repaired.

While going through Isaac's backpack I found a paper with the instructions "Write the numbers 1-20 in the rectangles." I looked at each of Isaac's numbers and noticed a small, scribbly circle after each number. As he got into the double digits the scribble was between the two. "Are you trying to write a decimal?" I asked him. A grin slowly spread across his face and he sighed exasperatedly as he answered, "Mom. You don't get it. The numbers are farting!" Really...I should have known...

I made some frozen pizza of the "cheap" variety for lunch. One of them was ambiguously labeled "Mexican." Isaac was hesitant to try it because he could see onions and green pepper on the top. After a few bites he ran to get himself a drink and when he returned he declared, "Those Mexicans sure do like spice!"

Kenley has decided that the baby will be a girl and that we should name her Kenley. We've had several discussions about the confusion that would undoubtedly cause. (I have to add here that Kenley has, unfortunately, inherited my stubbornness.) She maintains that we need two Kenleys and that we'll easily tell them apart because one of them will be a baby. No matter how many times the issue arises Kenley will not budge. At least we have a few months to work on it.

I have an ultrasound on May 19 and Jeremiah and I are constantly wavering over the decision of whether or not we want to learn the gender. (Am I the only one who says gender? I just get sick of people asking "Do you know the sex?" I really want to answer, "Do I! That's how we got the baby!" Also, I don't want my children picking up on the word "sex.") Anyway, right now my vote is to wait until delivery but we may not truly decide until we are right there at the ultrasound.

My kids seem to have inherited my "charmed life." Yesterday they emptied the candy bowl of all the real candy leaving behind only candy canes that we have probably been collecting since our first Christmas together. Some friends of ours invited us to a "Siete de Mayo" party (since both wives had to be at mutual on Cinco de Mayo.) Although ours were the only children present, they had a pinata. So each of my kids came home with a large bag of candy and now our candy bowl overfloweth.

I mowed the front lawn today and started on the back lawn. The weather has not been too cooperative as far as good days for lawn care and so this was the first time this season I have dared to take on the uneven backyard with the GPLM (Gwen-Propelled Lawn Mower.) Even at the tallest setting the grass was too tall and thick for me to easily push the lawn mower. I decided that the effort on my part alone would guilt Jeremiah into finishing the rest. Throw in the fact that I'm pregnant and I should be setting myself up for a great Mother's Day gift!


tammy d said...

I'm glad to see that you are back online! I love how little kids think... it's usually totally off the wall! :) It's great!

Goldie said...

Congrats on the baby news! And welcome back to the online community--we missed you!!!


Alisha said...

Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex

I had no idea you didn't like hearing that word. I say wait to find out...the "gender" because it is a great suprise and present after childbirth.

Mowing the lawn pregnant - hmm, is that the stuborness you alluded to earlier?

Last, maybe Kenley will change her mind about having two K's in the house if you tell her how you might mistakingly change her bum or make her take a nap because you were confused on which Kenley.