Monday, May 18, 2009


I need an electoral college in my family because I lost to the popular vote.

Jeremiah and I went back-and-forth so many times about whether or not we would learn our baby's gender at the ultrasound that we finally put it to a vote. (If you took our poll and thought you were helping us make up our minds, um, you weren't.)

I explained to the kids that we could learn from the doctor with "pictures" or we could wait until the baby was born to find out if it's a boy or a girl. When we put our hands in the air, Kenley and Jack voted for both options, so that method didn't work for us. Instead I had them stand on my left side if they wanted to learn at the ultrasound and the right side if they wanted to wait. Jack and I were the only ones to vote "wait." Since I'm the only one on my side of the issue who actually understood what I was voting for, I lost to Isaac, Kenley and Jeremiah who are babies themselves and just can't wait.

Ultrasound tomorrow! Maybe we'll go with the "Find out but annoy everyone by not telling them" option. :)


K said...

Electoral college? Gwen, I love you.

You've waited with some (or was it all?) of your babies, right?

K said...

And for what it's worth, I voted that you should wait....because I'm always on your side.

Audrey said...

I voted for yes, but annoy everyone.

Tammy d said...

I must say I love the way you think! Good luck and if we find out that's great, if not we can't wait to find out when you have it. When are you due anyway? I don't remember.