Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On No, I've Lost It

This morning I read on a friend's blog that her son wants a poop cake for his birthday.

I left the following comment:

I've heard of diaper cakes, but a poop cake? You should also serve cow pies and buffalo chips. (Is anyone else laughing, because I'm starting to tear up!)

Seriously though, I can't stop laughing. My laughter is so intense that it has turned into a wheeze with a few blips of audible laughter. I don't know why it struck me as being so hilarious but I will be calling on this thought all day to keep myself in high spirits.


K said...

You are stinkin' hilarious, Gwen. No crap.

Audrey said...

You're a dork! Maybe this pregnancy is getting to your head.

Would you like me to make you one as well? It can be arranged!

And I'm flattered that you are sending your peeps over to check out my crazy life.

Anonymous said...

Gwen, I truly miss your wit and honesty you exhibited when we lived there. I cracked up with the "pies and chips". Next time we have a get together you have to be there. Thanks for the humor.

Audrey's and Alisha's Dad