Thursday, October 09, 2008

8 Things

I was tagged for this post by the lovely and oh, so talented Lady Katie.

8 TV shows I love to watch
1. Pushing Daisies
2. The Office
3. Frasier reruns
4. Eli Stone
5. Wipeout
6. My Big Redneck Wedding (this show really makes me feel good about myself)
7. Jeopardy (only with Jeremiah)
8. Seinfeld reruns

8 favorite places I love to eat
1. A local American/Mexican restaurant that my mom has taken me to since I was a child
2. Johny Carino's
3. Texas Roadhouse
4. My mom's house
5. Mongolian Grill
6. At Delis
7. Grandma B's house
8. At my dinner table with my family

8 things that happened yesterday (I really have to remember that long ago?)
1. I worked on the Primary program for our church
2. We went on a rare trip to Wendy's for school night
3. Jeremiah and I folded laundry together while we watched Pushing Daisies
4. The kids and I went for a 2-mile walk
5. I received heartbreaking news about a miscarriage (not my own)
6. I vacuumed my kitchen floor about a million times (you still can't tell the difference)
7. I tried to take a nap to no avail
8. I babysat 2 extra kids

8 things I look forward to
1. Retiring bed each night
2. Date nights with Jeremiah
3. Having my living room painted
4. Payday
5. Trying new recipes
6. Having company
7. Kenley's birthday on SUNDAY! She'll be 3...holy cow...
8. Jack's nap time

8 things I love about Fall
1. The crisp, clean smell in the air
2. The colors
3. Cooler nights
4. Falling leaves
5. The harvest
6. Halloween
7. Thanksgiving
8. The day after Thanksgiving shopping

8 material things on my wish list
1. A finished basement
2. A new bike
3. A trip to CA to visit relatives
4. Money to bail someone out of financial difficulty
5. A beautiful evening gown and an event where I can fashion it
6. A 90-minute massage
7. Money for more food storage
8. A van with automatic doors

8 people I'm tagging
1. Alisha
2. Kelly
3. Gammie
4. Caroline
5. Deanna
6. Paradise
7. Lani
8. Tammy

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