Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Positive Parent-Teacher Pow-Wow

Alternate Title: Forgive Me for Bragging.

Last night was my first parent-teacher conference with Isaac's Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Z. I have to say that it was a wonderful initiation to the whole experience. I was very curious to see what she had to say about Isaac and she had some curiosity of her own.

She started by showing us his report card and saying that he is performing at grade level - then explaining that "the grades only go up to grade level: He's way ahead of us." She also let us know that she has suggested him as a candidate for the G.A.T.E. program - Gifted And Talented Education. I was actually a little surprised. I've always known he is bright, but I figured maybe I exaggerated it a little bit in my head because I'm his mom.

Mrs. Z. also said she was very curious to know how we've taught him to read so well. I'd love to take credit for it but Jeremiah and I both conceded that he'd taught himself and just loves to learn.

She showed us his first attempt to write a full sentence, with which she was very pleased. We also saw how he wrote all his numbers and she said that she would be very pleased if all the children did that well by the end of the year. His numbers did look pretty good, even if his 7 was backwards. but she said that was common and that they hadn't even learned to write the numbers in class yet so he was doing really well.

All the academic progress was very pleasing to Jeremiah and I, but we had to ask how he behaved in class. This was a concern for both of us since Isaac likes to talk and play a lot. Mrs. Z. reported that Isaac was very obedient to all her instructions and very patient. PATIENT? Isaac? school. She let us know that Isaac was also very kind to a child who had been having a hard time and that now the boy considered Isaac his friend. She was impressed at his compassion and stated that usually kids at his age were "all about me." (We see more of that side of him at home.) Jeremiah also told the teacher that she was allowed to humble him a little bit if he ever became condescending with her or the other children.

Anyway, we were all very pleased at his progress and behavior in school. Mrs. Z. said that she was a little concerned about keeping his attention, but that there are enough activities (i.e. singing, P.E., and free time) that she felt like he was engaged in the classroom.

My biggest question is, where did this little smarty-pants come from?


K said...

Hooray! I'm so glad Isaac is doing so well! It's wonderful news about his academic success, but isn't it even better to hear what a good friend he is? I'm sure I know where he got that.

E&A said...

Gwen - beam away. I think it is the right combination of Mackowiak genes and Martin genes. Good work!