Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Some of you left memories of me on a post a while ago and so now I'm going to share my memories of those who responded but didn't copy the post on their own site.

Audrey - I remember watching a movie at your house with J.D. and Kendall. I had been flirting with Kendall all night and when they were about to leave I was thinking of kissing him. You came out, all hysterical, saying, "You don't kiss Kendall!" Then you wanted to kiss him because you'd never been kissed. I don't think either of us ever did kiss him. Poor Kendall!

Carrie - One time Scott took you to a dance and you two 'dined' at our house and I got to be your server. I felt really silly because I was only like 8 years old. But I remember thinking you were so beautiful!

Kelly - I already left a memory for you on your blog, but for the other reader(s?) I have another one. I think the first time I met you Evens brought you over to my parents house while a lot of my family was there. I thought you were a good sport for meeting a bunch of strangers. Also, I remember wondering, "What is she doing with Evens?" I'm super happy you stuck with him though. :P

Alisha - Thanks for sharing so many memories (and for not sharing so many as well.) We were kind of crazy, huh? Here are some of mine:

The day we became instant friends when you came and talked to me in choir because you thought I "looked like fun."

Hanging out at your house and talking boys with Audrey.

You telling Joe that if anything happened on my/our first date, I had to make the move.

Picking out songs on the piano and the guitar together.

Throwing mud at each other after moving pipe because we were about to go see Seth and I thought he'd think it was "hot."

The time we asked a worker at Smith's to escort us to our car because there were about 5 scary looking guys that followed us around the store.

Eating Grasshopper cookies like there was no tomorrow.

Making a certain bet about a certain hot guy at choir clinic. I maintain that I won, even if I did ask him if I could kiss him.

(I'm kind of hoping my mom doesn't read this post...and my husband...)

The look on your face when I made you get out of the car to retrieve the garbage you had tossed out the window.

Man I wish you lived closer!! LYLAS

Lani - I don't know what energy you are talking about. I feel like a zombie most days. Anyway, I remember how all my nieces think you are the coolest aunt - even though you're not technically their aunt. Doesn't matter, you're still part of the family and I think you're the coolest too.

My memory of Blake is that I hated him as a kid. For some reason he was always laughing at me and it always hurt my feelings. I'm pretty sure some of my earliest memories are of Blake. My dad was trying to teach me how to blow my nose in the bathroom one time and Blake walked by and made fun of my efforts. When I got older I called him "Blank" because I didn't want him there. I think he's great now though. I'm so glad you are my parent's neighbors.


Audrey said...

I don't know if I remember that... although some of it does seem familiar.
I'd love to hear more memories from other people about me. Maybe they can remind me of how stupid I have allowed myself to forget, that I was.
I'll be laughing about this for a long time. Thanks for the memory.

Kari said...

I don't have your email or I'd just send you one, but your vote won. I'm going to make Jayci a ladybug for Halloween! Do you have ladybug wings from Kenley's costume? I can't find any to save my life.