Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Vanity Thoughts

I have something really fun to blog about. But since it has to have pictures with it I will wait until I can get down to my mom's.

In the meantime...

I've been thinking about vanity license plates. Not because I would actually pay to have them, but what would I put on them if I did? Think about it: 7 characters to sum up a person. What aspect of myself would I want to portray?

The best I've come up with is 5FT2 QT. But then I realized the plates would be on a minivan and so then I thought MTHRSHP, because really, that's what it is.

So I'm curious, what would your vanity license plate say?


Kelly Martin said...

Ok, so I'm really, really bad at reading vanity plates. For example: I thought your vanity plate would read 52 cutie, not 5 ft 2 cutie! So mine would have to be something easy, like... Kelly.... or something... here's another bad example: BH2OWYS..... Be H2O Wise, right? Again, I thought...oh, i really hesitate to admit this: Boy Toys.... don't even ASK me about it! BTW, Thanksgiving at Lynette's, huh?

K said...

I have mine all ready, but I'm too cheap to actually get it done. SAUCYK8.

K said...

And MTHRSHP? Freaking genius.