Friday, October 31, 2008

Christmas in October

Because I we complain a lot and I am we are needy, both of our parents have already given us our Christmas presents.

A while ago Jack was sick for about 5 days. Five days of continuous vomit. So we had to borrow my mom's carpet cleaning machine. We still have it and we use it weekly. Anyway, Jeremiah's parents are getting everyone freezers for Christmas, but since we already have one we asked for the same model carpet cleaner that we've borrowed from my mom. Last week they just happened to be on sale and so my in-laws just gave it to us early so we don't have to keep borrowing my mom's. And my mom can actually have the use of her own cleaner without asking for it back. Thank you, Brent and Lynette! (I'm sure my mom thanks you, too!)

Also, have I mentioned I haven't had a camera since May? I've tried to keep quiet about it. Actually, I have not. I have been lamenting it's absence at every opportunity and spreading my misery. In fact I was sharing my sadness with my mom just the other day and she said she could give us our Christmas money early if it would help us. Um...YES! Between our Christmas money and money that I had save from babysitting we had enough to by a new camera. Thank you, Mom and Dad!

And don't worry about our Christmas morning. I will be so happy taking pictures of our kiddos with clean carpet in the background.

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E&A said...

Well Merry Christmas. Maybe you'll have a real birthday this year with real birthday presents!