Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hide and Seek

Alternate Title: Count and Peek

Jeremiah taught Isaac how to play hide and seek. Or rather, he tried to teach Isaac. The only things that Isaac really picked up on was the idea of hiding and the phrase "Ready or not, here I come!", and even those are a little shaky.

It's quite comical to play this game with Isaac. He sits on the couch and places his widespread fingers over his open eyes. He begins to count but he usually only makes it to four because by that time he can already see where you have hidden. Then he lifts off his perch as he exclaims "Weddianott, here I come." He'll then walk through every room in the house asking himself, "Is she in the kitchen...no. Is she in the bathroom...maybe...no." and so on until he finds you. And although he peeked and watched as you hid, he feels it such an accomplishment each time he "finds" you.

It gets even better when it's his turn to hide. He will generally hide where he's just found you, or he will hide in the same place every time. Also, because he knows we actually close our eyes as we count, he'll tell you where he's going to hide. So this really is not the game of suspense it was invented to be. He laughs and squeals when you "can't find" him. And will usually yell, "I'm right here!" Or just pop out and tell you where to look.

We've tried to enforce the rules, but really, he gets a kick out of the game as is and it makes us laugh so we'll enjoy it as he does until he can really grasp the whole idea of the game.


Katie said...

Isaac is so sweet. I love the "Weddianott" because I can almost hear his little voice say it with all the excitement.

Gina said...

I love the alternate title of this post. Wow, this is such a funny description of how the game is played with him. I am just tickled at how cute he is!

K.C. said...

You mean that isn't how you play it? Evens.......