Tuesday, May 09, 2006

So Many Babies!

I am so excited about all the babies that will be born in my family this year! My sister-in-law Carenna is expecting a boy in early August, and my sister-in-law Alicia is expecting a girl later in August. It's always fun to have new children added to the family tree.

And also, I am very excited for my cousin, Angie, who is expecting a boy and four girls in late June. Yes, you read that correctly. FIVE babies! One. Two. Three. Four. Five. All at the same time. I really admire her and her husband for their bravery in continuing this high-risk pregnancy. They were presented (several times) with the option of selective reduction but very admirably showed their commitment to life and the opportunity to share it with five blessed spirits from our Heavenly Father.

She was admitted into the hospital last week as she was showing signs of early labor and she will remain in the hospital until she delivers. I've added her website to my sidebar, for those who are interested.

So I wish the best of luck to each of you ladies and I am so thankful that you have chosen to give life, because the world needs more mothers.


Katie said...

Oh my gosh! I'm totally praying for her. I can't wait to check out her website. FIVE babies? And I thought I had it hard sometimes.

Katie said...

And by the way, I totally was waiting for you to say that you were having another baby too!

Kik said...

Oh my gosh!!! Five babies...I cannot believe that! How exciting for them though! I really liked looking at their website. Man, that really makes Kate look like a slacker, eh? ;)