Tuesday, May 09, 2006

...Let Me Count The Ways

I love the way you ask if you can watch a movie and then look up at me and tell me, "Say yes."
I love the way you can't walk past your baby sister without hugging her.
I love the way you eat your cereal with a fork.
I love that you have embraced singing and use a sing-song voice for almost everything that you do.
I love it when we sit at the dinner table and mention blessing the food and you turn to your father or I and ask, "Do you want to say it?" as though you have always been in charge of asking someone to say the blessing.
I love the way you can look at a puzzle, brand new out of the box, and start putting it together without any trouble.
I love that you always know what you want and you are relentless about getting it, even though you often do not.
I love that you often refer to your baby sister and me as princesses.
I love that you can watch a movie once and then repeat it for life, because that, my son, you inherited from me.

I love how your eyes light up and you shudder with anticipation every time you see that colored spoon and a bib because you know that your food is soon to come.
I love the way your little hands pound on your legs.
I love that no matter how high you reach, your hands barely reach the top of your head.
I love the way you methodically pass that single Cheerio between the palms of your hands until you have worked it up to your fingertips, feed it to yourself and then grin broadly with the pride of accomplishment.
I love how you refuse to relax while lying on your back and insist on raising your head, arms and shoulders off the ground.
I love how you like to lean on one arm for support while your other hand explores your surroundings.
I love the way you just learned to pull yourself to a standing position in your crib. (Literally, just learned, as in I just turned around and watched you stand! Guess it's time to lower the crib mattress!)
I love how you look at me with adoring eyes because you don't yet know that I am not perfect. And if you do, you love me anyway.
I love how you think you can eat any food now that you have that sharp ridge of tooth just peeking out from the top of your gums.

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Katie said...

So sweet. You're such a good mom, Gwen.